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Gen AI Guide For A Busy Executive

Published: at 10:37 AM

AI is hard, and generative AI is no different. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, it is particularly tough to navigate between theory, hype, and the most recent research. This is a significant challenge for business professionals trying to understand how to implement these tools in their own domains. This article aims to simplify that challenge. I provide clear and simple advice for busy executives looking to explore the potential of generative AI in their businesses. If you’re short on time, this piece aims to inspire and offer essential understanding to get you started. Let’s get going!

Understanding machine learning and AI can be tough, especially for business executives. Technical terms and a lack of business context often make it difficult to connect these concepts with practical business outcomes.

In this guide, I have gathered a range of sources that are both relevant and engaging for business leaders. This collection will guide you through the world of generative AI, focusing on business applications without getting into too many technical details. My goal is to inspire and provide food for thought, presenting interesting business cases to spark ideas in your area of expertise.

I’ve designed this article with your busy schedule in mind. The first part is a practical, 5-minute guide focused on immediate yet simple benefits. Following this, each section delves deeper, providing more comprehensive insights for those who have additional time to dedicate. My goal is to provide some straightforward content to kickstart your journey and build your confidence in these areas, even if you’re not an expert.

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Quick Start in 5 Minutes

To tap into the world of advanced AI, start by subscribing to the paid version of ChatGPT. For $20 a month, you gain access to the most powerful AI technology on the planet. Initially, you might wonder about its practicality, but I assure you, the value you’ll derive will quickly outweigh the cost. It’s a smart investment, particularly for busy executives.

Here’s how to get started: First, create a ChatGPT account. You can find a simple tutorial in this video. Once you have an account, upgrading to the ChatGPT Plus version is easy. Just click “Upgrade” on the left panel. At the moment, upgrades for new users are on hold, but they should be available again soon.

This tool isn’t just about convenience; it’s a gateway to smarter decision-making and enhanced productivity. Think of it as having an AI assistant at your fingertips, ready to provide advice and streamline your tasks. All you need is 5 minutes of your time to get you started and $20 a month to keep the access.

Dive Deep in 30 Minutes

In addition to the activities in the “5-minute section”, I recommend diving into these three resources for a deeper understanding:

I hope these 30 minutes provide you with a comprehensive toolkit and basic understanding of AI’s most powerful tools, enabling you to apply them effectively in your professional context.

3-Hour Masterclass

Everything above and:

By dedicating three hours to these materials, you’ll gain a deeper, multifaceted understanding of AI’s current landscape and future potential. I hope it will give you some more advanced insights and practical knowledge you can apply in your industry.

5 Evenings of Exploration

Apart from everything above also include:

Spending five evenings with these resources will enrich your understanding of AI, bridging the gap between foundational knowledge and advanced concepts. It should give you a well-rounded perspective, deeper insights and practical skills to navigate and leverage AI in your specific field.

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Integration and Learning

In conclusion, here’s a bit of advice: the most important aspect is to actively use these tools in both your professional and personal life. The more you engage with them, the more proficient you become, opening up new opportunities. Set aside some time for tinkering and experimentation. Don’t hesitate to incorporate GPT input into your thought process and decision-making. Remember, you are always in control – LLMs are simply a new, powerful tool at your disposal. The sooner you start integrating them into your daily routine, the faster you’ll realize their value and potential.