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Hello world!

Published: at 02:57 PM

Starting a blog and publishing regularly was one of my goals for this year. I have never had one but I did have a personal website once, dedicated to logic and math puzzles. Twenty years ago :)

I do a lot of journaling for myself, privately, and never really felt the need to share anything more than occasional tweet or LinkedIn post. But I want to have my own private space on the internet, where I can write, for myself and others, without the context and noise of social media.

I want to have a place where I can write about anything I want, share anything I like or dislike, and not worry that I am fighting for attention with others. At the moment, especially on LinkedIn, I usually have second thoughts and reservations about sharing stuff that may not be relevant for other people. There is so much content and so little attention to spare than publishing more just feels like contributing to an existing problem. And a lot of what I think, read and talk about with my friends is not relevant for most people. But at the same time, it is or can be relevant for some, and, certainly, for myself, so I want to make it available online.

I also want to write without thinking about comments, likes and engagement but modern social media just makes that impossible. You always end up with some level of dopamine rush. Either that or disappointment when the rush doesn’t arrive. And while I like it, as anybody, I think I need to make a deliberate effort to avoid it. Maybe I will explore this in some other post.

So, hello World! Welcome to my blog and nice to see you. Hope you like it here <3