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Rocznica / Anniversary - A Love Song

Published: at 03:57 PM

Over 20 years ago, early in my twenties I wrote a love song. Just like many other people at this age I was upset about a love I lost and writing something about it felt right. I composed some music for it and then put it away. For over 20 years.

Yesterday I used Suno AI to turn these old lyrics into an actual song. The effect boggles my mind.

It took me 30 minutes to get a result that I am happy with, maybe even proud. It’s a song that I always wished I could share with people, but without AI, I never would have. And now I can. I invite you to listen to it and let me know what you think about it. The song is in Polish because the original lyrics were in Polish. The title is Rocznica, which translates into Anniversary. I added English subtitles as well.

There is something new unrolling in front of our eyes, and creating this song I witnessed a glimpse of the future. I have no doubt that these tools will dramatically change the way we express, create, and interact with each other. They will give us new ways to share emotions, joy, or maybe even insights. I am hopeful and excited.